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Spring Cleaning: decluttering your phone easy.

That time of the year has come! Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of what we don’t need  anymore or don’t use on a daily basis and organize what we really want to keep. According to the Feng Shui  we need to make room for the energy to circulate and since many of us are attached to our mobiles, probably we should extend that cleaning to our phones. Your phone, just like some of us, may feel a little slow and heavy Here are some tips on how to clear up some space:   1. First things first: check what’s really …

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Social Media fails

  Most of us use Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as windows to share with the world our thoughts and experiences. However, one must be careful, and filter what is being shared. Some people have unfortunately learned this the hard way as you will see in the examples below. Going from losing jobs to being jailed, here are some of the finest examples of Social Media fails: 1) How to lose a job before even getting it: “The Cisco Fatty”… a classic! In 2009 @theconnor twitted “Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh …

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Come and Meet Us in Miami!

This year, the Swedish Vikings of Rebtel are making their way to Miami! We are proud to announce that we will be part of the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and influencers, Hispanicize 2015. This conference will take place at the Intercontinental and other venues around the Miami area from the 16th until the 20th of March 2015. During the days check out our booth at the Intercontinental. We’ll have some freebies and little gadgets to share with you. In the evenings we’ll be mingling at all the different, receptions parties and concerts you name it and Rebtel will …

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Viviendo entre Miami y Cuba

Mi nombre es Dagoberto Linares y vivo en Miami. Nací en el municipio de Guanabacoa, La Habana y me críe en un pueblo llamado San José de las Lajas. Salí de Cuba en el ‘99 hacia Miami por situaciones personales y como para todo inmigrante fue difícil salir de Cuba pero al llegar aquí un conocido de Cuba, el gran Sr. Martinez y su familia, me acogieron por los primeros dos meses. Vivir en Miami es como vivir en Cuba pero con comodidades, aquí el cubano está en todas partes y donde quiera encuentras a alguien que conoces. La diferencia más grande entre …

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Liberando las llamadas internacionales: Cuba

“Ay dios, ¿¡Por qué es tan caro llamar a Cuba!?” Esta es la pregunta en la mente de los expatriados cubanos al llamar a casa, y el hecho es que no importa que tan caro sea uno no puede simplemente dejar de llamar pues mantenerse en contacto con la familia y amigos es prioridad, así que si se deben de hacer sacrificios para pagar las llamadas, se hacen. Muchos cubanos en los Estados Unidos preguntan por qué el costo de las llamadas a la isla es tan alto aun estando tan cerca, mientras llamar a países mucho más lejanos -como …

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San Valentín, Los Pichy Boys y sus llamadas gratis a Cuba

Alejandro y Maikel, Los (famosos) Pichy Boys, han decidido hacer equipo con Rebtel para compartir – como sólo ellos saben- con la comunidad Cubano-Americana nuestras tarifas bajas para llamar a Cuba. Los Pichy Boys son originarios de la Habana, así que saben de primera mano lo importante que espoder comunicarse con la familia que está lejos. Este único par comenzó su carrera realizando doblajes de famosas películas de Hollywood y subiéndolos a YouTube. Hoy en día Pichy Films cuenta con más de 81 millones de visitas. ¡Impresionante! El primer paso del trabajo en conjunto ha tenido lugar este pasado día …

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Published February 13, 2015 Categories Rebtel Staff Rebtel stories

Valentines Gifts You Can Actually Afford

Valentines day is almost here and for those of you who have been busy at work or simply not in the mood for shopping, don’t worry! Forget the flowers, we have great, affordable, yet impressive last minute gifts. This first one is for you guys. Have you ever seen Project Runway? No worries, just print out the instructions and give them to your loved one with an old shirt of yours! This present is a fun DIY and a good use of old clothes. Go ice skating! If you live in a bigger city it is …

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5 tips to survive a long distance relationship…and don’t die trying

Ahhh love, what a wonderful thing!! But what happens when your partner is away? Either is just a different city or a different continent it’s always tricky to keep a relationship going strong with someone that’s not always (physically) there. After experiencing it in real life (twice!) and chatting to others that have gone through it, here’s 5 tips on what’s been learned to keep the flame alive: 1. Do settle the game rules from the start: Ask those uncomfortable questions like “Are we exclusive?” “Are we in a relationship or dating?” “What are your expectations?”, also –if possible- define …

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3 Awesome Life Hacks : PART II

Last February we shared 3 awesome lifehacks that could improve your lifes or at least make them a little easier. If you have missed out you can read them here. This year we are adding 3 more tricks to that list and once again minimal efforts are required. LIFE HACK NUMBER 1 Tangled earphones-sounds familiar? Our solution is very simple: tie the cords around a wooden spool. Voilà! LIFE HACK NUMBER 2 You are just finishing up your spring cleaning and find an empy CD spindle. Wait, don’t toss it to the bin just yet. This …

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Cool and smart wearable tech

Wearable technology is the term used to describe clothing and accessories that integrate technology for communication, health & fitness, or just fun. It used to be bulky, geeky and not too attractive but in recent years it’s been following a trendier path for both men and women, making it easier to wear on an everyday basis and at any occasion. Here some examples: Ring. Is a nice looking unisex silver, well…ring that allows you to control pretty much everything around you, from making payments to managing home appliances all by detecting the movements of your finger by “writing on air”. It needs …

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