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5 Useless Apps That You Just Have To Love

There are around 1,3 millions apps available on Google Pay and 1,2  million on the Apple App store. Many of these apps are useful such as baby monitors, alarms, social networks you name it! However, plenty of them serve no real purpose at all. Let’s face it we all have them on our phones and we love them! Paid 2 Poo: An interesting take on viewing how you generate income. By inputting your wages and entering each time you visit the toilet this app calculates how much your employer pays you to go use the bathroom. Want Paid 2 Poo for …

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Published January 12, 2015 Categories Rebtel stories

5 New Gadgets to Stay Connected in 2015

The 21st century has opened up possibilities for us to lead lifestyles that are more global and mobile than ever before. Many of us are living and working abroad, traveling more frequently on a regular basis, and generally following schedules more densely packed than we previously imagined possible. We have, in large part, our modern technology to thank for enabling these on-the-go lifestyles. Our devices allow us to work from almost anywhere, access information at lightning speed, and chat with friends, colleagues, and loved ones all over the world. As we enter into 2015, these global-mobile nonstop lifestyles are fast …

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Published January 7, 2015 Categories Rebtel stories

Facebook Fans Infographic

Recently we reached 80,000 fan likes on our Facebook Page and we wanted to thank all of our followers. Here are some facts that we gathered about you. Do you recognize yourself? Facebook Fans Infographic …

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Published December 22, 2014 Categories Rebtel stories

Don’t be a Grinch!

Rebtel wishes you happy holidays and wants you to remind you this is the season of giving…Don’t be a Grinch! …

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Published December 18, 2014 Categories Rebtel stories

Best Rebtel Memories from 2014

As 2015 fast approaches, we can’t help but reflect on the year gone by— a year full of not only hard work, but memories of special moments shared with our wonderful teammates. We’ve collected some of our best Rebtel memories from 2014 to share with you below. Enjoy! Fouad, Development I’m a humble guy and usually don’t announce my birthday. So when it came up in November I didn’t tell anyone about it. Around this time, our team leader invited everyone for coffee to celebrate the release of an updated app version. When everyone had arrived, he pulled out a …

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Published December 18, 2014 Categories Rebtel stories

The Evolution of Future Santa

Santa Claus is coming to town. He’s got an open-air sleigh drawn by 8 flying reindeer (9 if you count Rudolf), an infinite bag full of toys, and a sizable naughty-or-nice list to keep track of. And somehow he manages to deliver presents to every child on every continent in the world right on time, even if the house lacks a chimney to shimmy his voluptuous belly down. The modern day fable has been with us for a little over 200 years, yet we still can’t seem to accept the “magic” explanation, nor can we seem to accept the competence of the reindeer. Our curious …

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Published December 15, 2014 Categories Rebtel stories

The Lost Christmas of 1969 and Stories From the Cubans Who Lived It

In 1969, Christmas was silenced in Cuba—and would remain this way for nearly 30 years. We couldn’t help but wonder, what kind of impact did this have on the children who grew up in this era? And how has it influenced the celebrations they have today? We set out to discover just this, calling up Cubans (with Rebtel of course) who grew up during the lost Christmas era for first-hand insight into this culturally big—yet lesser known—event. The result is a compilation of telephone interviews that paint a broader picture of secret celebrations, and the post-ban revival of generations-old traditions.

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Published December 1, 2014 Categories Rebtel stories

Rebtel Holiday Giveaway

The winter holidays are just around the corner and we want to do our bit in spreading the festive spirit. So in true Rebtel style, we’ve got presents to give away! Every week, we will put a question for you to answer on our Facebook page. To enter, all you have to do is like our page and leave a comment with your answer to our question. And as always, feel free to share it with your friends! Prizes include free minutes and a special goodie bag. Stay tuned, you don’t want to miss this! See you on Facebook …

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Published November 27, 2014 Categories Rebtel stories

Android 4.0 New Release

It’s time for a better and improved Rebtel app for all our Android users. In this version enjoy our new cleaner and slicker design. In our new menu view, your account balance is easier to see displaying both credit and minutes left on your account. The menu navigation is faster and simpler. Your favorites are now added to the top of your contact lists so you can reach them even faster. Enjoy the whole new experience with our new chat and messaging views. Avalable now for download on Google Play …

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Published November 20, 2014 Categories Rebtel stories

5 Tools and Items Your Smartphone has Replaced

Nowadays our smartphones have become a Batman-like belt with almost unlimited uses, tools and accessories available through a myriad of apps and trinkets. Here is a list of smartphone uses that have rendered certain tools obsolete: Watch Watches are still a common accessory but it has become more of a fashion or status statement. Our phones have become the main time tellers, even for people who own watches. It is difficult to assess the price of a watch as it can range from about $10 to $20000 and up. You can find a nice selection of watches here. Our current smartphone does …

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