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11 Free Must-Have Apps When You Move Abroad

Moving abroad is always difficult. Not only do we leave our loved ones back home but many practical daily issues arise that we did not think of before moving. Thankfully we live in an age of smartphones and applications that are designed to make to our lives easier. Here is a list of free apps that you must-have when you decide to move abroad: FINANCE: Whether you like it or not money matters Toshl Finance assists you in putting your expenses in a budget so that you know where your money is going. XE currency, an app converting any …

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Adebola- A Rebtel user and Early Adopter of Sendly

Meet Adebola, a frequent Rebtel caller who has become an adept user of Sendly. Adebola is Nigerian and is currently living in New Jersey, in the United States of America. With a lot of her family back home in Nigeria Rebtel has made it possible for her to keep in touch with them. Sendly has become another string in her bow enabling her to talk to her family. Having heard about Sendly through an email, Adebola thought about giving Sendly a try. She found that the service was fast and really easy to use. What was great is that her family could use the airtime …

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Rebtel Friends Instagram Challenge- Win an Ipad!

We believe in keeping your friends close, even if you’re far away. Send us your own best pic, portraying the relationship you have with your friends, no matter where they are, whether in another city, another country or just another room. Join our challenge and win an iPad mini! The competition opens on the 1st of September 2014 at 00:00 a.m. CET and will be closed on the 7th of September at 11:59 p.m. CET. Here are the rules and prizes: Prizes: 1. An iPad mini and $100 Rebtel Credit 2. $100 Rebtel credit 3. $50 Rebtel credit Rules …

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Watch out for the Rebtel Ambassadors!

The ambassadors have been out and about meeting people and spreading the Rebtel word all across the globe. Leon , our UK ambassador,  went to BBQs hosted by the Zimbabwean community in England. There he distributed Rebtel merchandise and as a music promoter he did some networking meeting local Zimbabwean artists. Rachel, our Ambassador in Israel, is extremely active online. She made the cover picture for this blog post and participates in everything that she possibly can. Click here to read her most recent blog post about Rebtel. Maria, our Danish ambassador, is a student and while on exchange in …

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Gadgets – Then&Now

Smart devices are here to stay. In the past few years companies have been trying to adapt the smart technology to a variety of products from phones, watches, and now even into clothing! VHS cameras vs Google Glass Capturing precious moments of our lives has been around for a while, but do you remember VHS? Don’t worry- you are probably not the only one. In 2012 we were introduced to a new device which is smaller and simpler to use than the old VHS cameras- the Google glass. The smart technology behind it provides users with the possibility to instantly take videos and pictures …

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10 Simple Tips to Have a Happier Life

Everyone wants to be happier in life. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little break and make life simpler and less stressful. Here are 10 tips to become happier. 1. Exercise more With even just seven minutes a day for the busiest of us, some exercise can help us relax, increase brainpower and body image. 2. Sleep more Getting in a good sleeping pattern changes how your brain reacts during a whole day and make you less sensitive to negative emotions. 3. Move closer to work Moving closer to work, even to a smaller place, increases …

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Rebtel Ambassador – We need you too!

We have had many applications for the ambassador program and this July we were able to start the first official month! We have a group of 23 people from over 10 countries spread across the continents. Come and meet the group by checking out our Facebook group here. After one month we offered an hour of free calling to the three most active Rebtel ambassadors: Julio (Nicaragua), Sara (The Netherlands) and Braedan (Canada). Do you also want to be part of this amazing international community and be the voice and face of Rebtel within your social group? Then don’t forget …

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Another Happy Sendly User

Meet Sagar. He lives in Pune, India and uses Sendly to send top ups around India. Sagar sends top ups because he loves making surprises, especially when people call him back to show their appreciation. By sending top ups to his family and friends, Sagar believes he is showing his love and in the same time spreading happiness. Another reason for him to send top ups is because his friends and family are able to call him more often. Sagar heard about Sendly from a friend and decided to give it a try. There are several features which Sagar specifically likes …

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PayPal And Cheap Calls From Nigeria

We have great news for our users in Nigeria! It is now possible for everyone in Nigeria to make cheap calls using  a data, WiFi, connection. This means that you can now call anyone around the world cheaply using Rebtel In order to add credit to your account we have also added PayPal as a payment method from Nigeria.

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How To Use Rebtel on Holiday

If you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere exotic for your summer holidays, you probably want to be able to call your loved ones and tell them about all the beautiful places you’ve visited. Here’s how you can use the Rebtel app while travelling abroad without paying crazy roaming charges or buying a local SIM card. 1. In the Rebtel app, choose to connect your calls via Internet and NOT local minutes (Here’s how you can do that on Android or iPhone) 2. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi connection and not a 3G or 4G connection …

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 Here are our most favorite photos from our Rebtel Friends challenge. Congrats to the winners! #winner #rebtel #startups  Join our Instagram challenge and win an iPad mini! Take a photo portraying the relationship you have with your friends, no matter where they are! Tag your photo with #rebtelfriends and remember to follow us on Instagram. The competition is open until the 7th of September. Have fun! #rebtel #instachallenge #ipad Prizes: 1. An iPad mini and $100 Rebtel Credit 2. $100 Rebtel Credit 3. $50 Rebtel Credit Have fun!  Our floorball team sweating away #rebtel #startup #sport
 Here are some of the first entries in our Instagram challenge. There is still time to enter to win an IPad mini. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and remember to have fun! #competition #friends #startups  Googly-eyed man checking progress at the office. #rebtel #tech #startups  Did you call your mom today? #rebtel #apps #home

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