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4 Fire crackers you will need for Diwali

Living in a global world we have the privilege of celebrating and learning about all the different cultures in the world. On the 22nd of October it will be Diwali ,also known as the festival of lights, a pretty good excuse for everyone to bring out the firecrackers. Now here is a list of typical Diwali firecrackers so that you do not look silly next to your well-prepared friends or family members. 1. The Rockets Maybe the must-have of your shopping list, the rocket is a classic that always seems to entertain. 2. Flower pots …

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iPad App Design Revamped

Good news for all our iPad users! We have finally updated our iPad app with a brand new design. This new version follows our iPhone app with a new contacts view putting your favorite contacts on top, followed by your recent calls. The calls screens have been updated as well as the contact details view. This view offers a much easier way to add a contact’s number to your favorite lists by tapping on the star. You can also from that screen invite that person to call for free if they do not have the Rebtel app and set call …

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Meet Members of Our Marketing Team

Not long ago we introduced you to some of our awesome Support team members. Another as important Rebtel team is our Marketing team. We interviewed three of them and here is what they had to say. Meet Mattias . He takes care of design, but also front end coding and web development. Here are his anwers. What do you do for fun? -Jumping from objects, skydiving, and BASE jumping are my passions Favorite spot in Stockholm? -My CrossFit box in town. Which super powers would you like to have? -Guess three times…? – Flying! Meet Varun. He is responsible for the copy and content …

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Happy Hour!

Get ready because this Friday the 3rd of October 2014 you will be able to vote for the country that you want to get an hour of free calling for. It’s simple, we will give vouchers for 1 hour of free calling to the country that has received the most votes by Friday the 10th of October 2014. The countries that are in the running for this Happy Hour are: Cameroon, Cuba, Haiti and Kenya! The poll will be accessible from our Facebook page. So write it down in your calendars, vote and share it with your …

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Rebtel Friends Challenge Winners!

We had many great entries for our Rebtel Friends Instagram Challenge and picking three winners was not an easy task. In the end Ivy, Nazurahciey and Mohammad came out on top.   3. Ivy: Ivy lives in Davao City, in the Philippines, it is the 4th safest city in the world a fact that she is very proud of. She mainly uses Rebtel to call her partner who is currently working in Vietnam. After receiving an email presenting the Rebtel  Friends Instagram Challenge she decided that she wanted to show how happy she can be while with her friends, and …

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11 Free Must-Have Apps When You Move Abroad

Moving abroad is always difficult. Not only do we leave our loved ones back home but many practical daily issues arise that we did not think of before moving. Thankfully we live in an age of smartphones and applications that are designed to make to our lives easier. Here is a list of free apps that you must-have when you decide to move abroad: FINANCE: Whether you like it or not money matters Toshl Finance assists you in putting your expenses in a budget so that you know where your money is going. XE currency, an app converting any …

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Adebola- A Rebtel user and Early Adopter of Sendly

Meet Adebola, a frequent Rebtel caller who has become an adept user of Sendly. Adebola is Nigerian and is currently living in New Jersey, in the United States of America. With a lot of her family back home in Nigeria Rebtel has made it possible for her to keep in touch with them. Sendly has become another string in her bow enabling her to talk to her family. Having heard about Sendly through an email, Adebola thought about giving Sendly a try. She found that the service was fast and really easy to use. What was great is that her family could use the airtime …

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Rebtel Friends Instagram Challenge- Win an Ipad!

We believe in keeping your friends close, even if you’re far away. Send us your own best pic, portraying the relationship you have with your friends, no matter where they are, whether in another city, another country or just another room. Join our challenge and win an iPad mini! The competition opens on the 1st of September 2014 at 00:00 a.m. CET and will be closed on the 7th of September at 11:59 p.m. CET. Here are the rules and prizes: Prizes: 1. An iPad mini and $100 Rebtel Credit 2. $100 Rebtel credit 3. $50 Rebtel credit Rules …

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Watch out for the Rebtel Ambassadors!

The ambassadors have been out and about meeting people and spreading the Rebtel word all across the globe. Leon , our UK ambassador,  went to BBQs hosted by the Zimbabwean community in England. There he distributed Rebtel merchandise and as a music promoter he did some networking meeting local Zimbabwean artists. Rachel, our Ambassador in Israel, is extremely active online. She made the cover picture for this blog post and participates in everything that she possibly can. Click here to read her most recent blog post about Rebtel. Maria, our Danish ambassador, is a student and while on exchange in …

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Gadgets – Then&Now

Smart devices are here to stay. In the past few years companies have been trying to adapt the smart technology to a variety of products from phones, watches, and now even into clothing! VHS cameras vs Google Glass Capturing precious moments of our lives has been around for a while, but do you remember VHS? Don’t worry- you are probably not the only one. In 2012 we were introduced to a new device which is smaller and simpler to use than the old VHS cameras- the Google glass. The smart technology behind it provides users with the possibility to instantly take videos and pictures …

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