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10 Simple Tips to Have a Happier Life

Everyone wants to be happier in life. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little break and make life simpler and less stressful. Here are 10 tips to become happier.

1. Exercise more
With even just seven minutes a day for the busiest of us, some exercise can help us relax, increase brainpower and body image.

2. Sleep more
Getting in a good sleeping pattern changes how your brain reacts during a whole day and make you less sensitive to negative emotions.

3. Move closer to work
Moving closer to work, even to a smaller place, increases our happiness as commuting is such a big part of one’s life, i.e. most commonly twice a day five days a week.

4. Spend time with friends and family
As one can imagine spending time with our loved ones increases our happiness.

5. Go outside
Spending 20 minutes each day in good weather improves our positive moods.

6. Help others
Spending time everywhere helping others improves our happiness. Quite interestingly we get happier spending money on others than ourselves.

7. Practice smiling
Practicing real smiles can alleviate negative emotions and pain.

8. Plan a trip
No need to go on holiday planning a trip or the anticipation of a trip is what makes us happiest.

9. Meditate
Meditation can help you keep calm, improves focus and happiness by clearing your mind.

10. Practice gratitude
Share about things that you are grateful for or go out of your way to show you are grateful to other people can make you happier.

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