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Another Happy Sendly User

Meet Sagar. He lives in Pune, India and uses Sendly to send top ups around India.

Sagar sends top ups because he loves making surprises, especially when people call him back to show their appreciation. By sending top ups to his family and friends, Sagar believes he is showing his love and in the same time spreading happiness. Another reason for him to send top ups is because his friends and family are able to call him more often.

Sagar heard about Sendly from a friend and decided to give it a try. There are several features which Sagar specifically likes about Sendly. From a graphical perspective Sendly is:

+easy to access UI on device

+easy to access contact list

+easy to access top up amount

+history of all

From a technical perspective Sendly offers:

+paypal as a trusted payment gateway

+transactions to any national bank

+keeping data secured

When we asked why he prefers Sendly over other services Sagar mentioned once again that Sendly has a trusted payment gateway, which is important for him as a customer. As for the future, Sagar suggested a change on the Bonus Point System, sending out awards to users who have sent a top up.

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