Published January 19, 2015 Categories Android iPhone Mobile

5 Useless Apps That You Just Have To Love

There are around 1,3 millions apps available on Google Pay and 1,2  million on the Apple App store. Many of these apps are useful such as baby monitors, alarms, social networks you name it! However, plenty of them serve no real purpose at all. Let’s face it we all have them on our phones and we love them! Paid 2 Poo: An interesting take on viewing how you generate income. By inputting your wages and entering each time you visit the toilet this app calculates how much your employer pays you to go use the bathroom. Want Paid 2 Poo for …

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Published March 31, 2014 Categories Android iPhone Mobile Sendly

Get Ready To Double Your Airtime! – Cuba

We are now collaborating with Cubacel and starting this week Tuesday, the Airtime you send to Cuba will be doubled! This can be done in a snap by using Sendly. For any top ups of 20 CUC  or 40 CUC your friends and family will receive double the Airtime – i.e. 40 or 80 CUC.  There are no bonus code needed simply follow the onscreen instructions and send Airtime to a Cuban mobile phone using a prepaid card This offer is valid from Tuesday the 1st of April at 6:00 a.m. CET until Saturday the 5th at 5:59 …

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Published January 24, 2014 Categories Android iPhone Mobile Sendly

3 awesome life hacks

There are small things we can do to make our lives that bit easier.The best part about these 3 life hacks is that they require minimal effort - If you put your phone in air plane mode, it will charge twice as fast. - Sunglasses make for a perfect mobile stand, just put your glasses upside down on a table and you have a great little way to watch videos on your phone! - Make YouTube videos load faster. Right click on the video, hit settings and move the ‘local storage’ scroll bar all the way to the right. It works …

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Published December 16, 2013 Categories Android iPhone Mobile

Say hello to Sendly

At Rebtel, our passion is to create products that help people feel closer to their friends and family. In the not too distant past, making an international call was prohibitively expensive for most people and Rebtel was one of the first companies to make affordable international calls a reality. When we decided to create a new app, we knew there was one service in particular that could really do with a good kick up the you-know-what: transferring credit to prepaid mobiles anywhere in the world. So say hello to Sendly! The fastest, easiest, secureist (is that even a word?) way …

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Published November 21, 2013 Categories Android Rebtel Staff Rebtel stories

Everybody’s Favorite City

Rudyard Kipling once said that “San Francisco has only one drawback—’tis hard to leave.” Indeed it was hard for the Rebtel Developer Team to leave San Fransisco after spending one amazing week in the city by the bay. We arrived from our previous event in L.A on Monday 11th Nov to the creative neighborhood of Lower Heights and started to prepare for the upcoming event. When it comes to tech and apps, SF truly earns its reputation. The creative vibe of the city and places like The Creamery made us feel right at home. We got to …

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Published October 17, 2013 Categories Android Mobile

The best way to send credit to your loved ones – Mobile Top Up

How would you like to send prepaid mobile credit to your loved ones abroad? And what if you could do this from within the Rebtel app? Sounds good right? Sure it does! And we’re giving it you now. Mobile Top Up is an awesome new Rebtel feature that lets you top up the prepaid mobile phones of friends and family abroad at the touch of a button. Your loved ones can then make calls, send texts or use the credit as they choose. Keen to try it? Download the latest version of the Rebtel app from Google Play and get …

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Published September 9, 2013 Categories Android Mobile

Rebtel 3.0 for Android is here

Roll out the red carpet! Your favorite international calling app just got even better. The brand new Rebtel app for Android is out today and it is AMAZING (if we may say so ourselves ;)). The first thing you’ll notice when you open the app is the new design. We’ve worked really hard on making the app as user friendly as possible and we think you’ll see the difference straight away. The new menu puts everything in one place and you can quickly text friends, invite them and call each other for free, search for rates and more. Your …

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Published April 12, 2013 Categories Android iPhone Rebtel Staff

Updates for both Android and iOS!

A lot of exiciting stuff has been going on at Rebtel! This week we released new updates to both our Android app and the iOS app! Our Android team is proud to present a new cool feature for our Android app users: from now on you will be able to keep track of all your SMS history!  - We also enabled the possibility to copy message text as well as delete      individual messages.  Some of the updates for the iPhone app: - Stability …

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