Published January 19, 2015 Categories Android iPhone Mobile

5 Useless Apps That You Just Have To Love

There are around 1,3 millions apps available on Google Pay and 1,2  million on the Apple App store. Many of these apps are useful such as baby monitors, alarms, social networks you name it! However, plenty of them serve no real purpose at all. Let’s face it we all have them on our phones and we love them! Paid 2 Poo: An interesting take on viewing how you generate income. By inputting your wages and entering each time you visit the toilet this app calculates how much your employer pays you to go use the bathroom. Want Paid 2 Poo for …

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Published June 10, 2014 Categories Mobile Rebtel stories

Startup Your Summer With Rebtel and Truecaller

The summer is beginning the air is getting warmer, the sun is shining and people are smiling. We met with our friends at Truecaller and we decided to collaborate to also make you startup your summer on the right foot :). Truecaller is the world’s largest verified phone community, and helps to identify unknown numbers.  You never have to pick up an unwanted call again, as you get access to a localized spam list which blocks calls from spammers They are offering for free to Rebtel users two months of premium access to their service (gets rid of ads, …

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Published May 7, 2014 Categories Mobile Sendly

You’ve asked and we’ve listened – Sendly Update!

This new Sendly release is one that you have been asking and waiting for. We have added Paypal as a new payment method! All you need is a Paypal account and you’re good to go. It is also now possible to edit your card details in the app. You may at any time change the currency displayed in the app, between Euro, British pound and US dollar, by going in the “Settings” menu. It would not be Sendly if we did not have an offer for you. Get a discount on your next top up if you review the app. In …

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Published March 31, 2014 Categories Android iPhone Mobile Sendly

Get Ready To Double Your Airtime! – Cuba

We are now collaborating with Cubacel and starting this week Tuesday, the Airtime you send to Cuba will be doubled! This can be done in a snap by using Sendly. For any top ups of 20 CUC  or 40 CUC your friends and family will receive double the Airtime – i.e. 40 or 80 CUC.  There are no bonus code needed simply follow the onscreen instructions and send Airtime to a Cuban mobile phone using a prepaid card This offer is valid from Tuesday the 1st of April at 6:00 a.m. CET until Saturday the 5th at 5:59 …

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Published February 13, 2014 Categories Mobile

It only takes a Heartbeat ♥

There are a lot of “Dont’s” on Valentine’s day. Often these are things that (mostly) men mistake for “Do’s”.  Doing the same thing as last year with generic cards being an examples, but the most unforgivable of Valentine’s day sins is…to forget. This is why we’re giving you the chance to send your digital heartbeat to someone dear to you when they least expect it! Record your heartbeat with Rebtel Re:Beat and send it to that special someone. Download it now for free from the App Store or Google play. And oh….if the distance is not too far between the two of you, …

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Published January 30, 2014 Categories Mobile

Happy New Year of the horse!

Don’t you just love a good festival? We think the best part of today’s multicultural society is that we all get to celebrate each other’s cultures and tradition and this week we’d like to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We know it’s important for you to call home and we would like to help you by offering our current and new users one free hour to call China. This offer will be valid from the 30th-31st of January. In order to get your free minutes, please follow the steps below: 1. Log in (Don’t have a Rebtel account ? …

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Published January 28, 2014 Categories Mobile

We’ve got new deals!

Do you call any of the following countries? Haiti, Pakistan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia, Mali or Ivory coast? Then we’ve got new deals for you. Depending on how often you call we have two different deals to suit your calling needs: Do you call home almost every day? Then our Max Saver deal probably is your best choice. Max Saver gives you our lowest possible rate, loads of minutes and between 7 – 30 days to spend your minutes (depending on your country). Calling home once or twice a week? Sounds like you should buy …

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Published January 24, 2014 Categories Android iPhone Mobile Sendly

3 awesome life hacks

There are small things we can do to make our lives that bit easier.The best part about these 3 life hacks is that they require minimal effort - If you put your phone in air plane mode, it will charge twice as fast. - Sunglasses make for a perfect mobile stand, just put your glasses upside down on a table and you have a great little way to watch videos on your phone! - Make YouTube videos load faster. Right click on the video, hit settings and move the ‘local storage’ scroll bar all the way to the right. It works …

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Published December 23, 2013 Categories Mobile

Show us your favorite calling spot!

Snap a photo of your favorite calling spot! At home on your comfy couch, at the park or in your car on your way to work? Show us your favorite place to make a phone call. The best photo will be rewarded with $250, one Galaxy Tab 2 and $100 of Rebtel calling credits. The second best photo will be rewarded with one Galaxy Tab 2 and $50 of Rebtel calling credits! How Do I Enter?  1. Go to and download the FOAP app. 2. Join the Rebtel mission. 3. Upload your pictures best suited with our mission theme.

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Published December 16, 2013 Categories Android iPhone Mobile

Say hello to Sendly

At Rebtel, our passion is to create products that help people feel closer to their friends and family. In the not too distant past, making an international call was prohibitively expensive for most people and Rebtel was one of the first companies to make affordable international calls a reality. When we decided to create a new app, we knew there was one service in particular that could really do with a good kick up the you-know-what: transferring credit to prepaid mobiles anywhere in the world. So say hello to Sendly! The fastest, easiest, secureist (is that even a word?) way …

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