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Published May 23, 2014 Categories Blog Rebtel Heroes Rebtel stories

Sign-up to Rebtel’s Ambassador Program!

Do you love Rebtel ? Are you social? Would you like to be part of a great international community ? If you have answered yes to all these questions then apply to our brand ambassador program. Become the voice and face of Rebtel in your social community. Spread the Rebtel love and get exclusive perks and rewards. For more information and to apply to our ambassador program click here.

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Published April 16, 2014 Categories Blog Rebtel Heroes Rebtel stories

And the winners are…

Once again big thank you to all of you who took part in our instagram competition. You were all great and we appreciate your enthusiasm! As you already know we decided to pick not one, but three winning videos. Here are their stories. $500 Rebtel credit goes to Julio (middle). We truly loved his creative video! Where are you from? I was born in Nicaragua and I live in Italy. Who do you call? The most important person I call is my mom but I also call often my brother, my dad, my friends, and others relatives. Where do you call? …

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Published March 25, 2014 Categories Rebtel Heroes Rebtel stories Sendly

Sendly Hero – George

Three months ago we released Sendly with an idea in mind. We wanted to give our users a quick and easy way to top up other people’s phones and we are thrilled to say that just three months in, Sendly is proving to be a success! We are available in over 70 countries and recently went viral in India! So the other day we had a conversation with George, a Sendly user from Haiti who tops up his family, relatives and friends back home. When he heard about Sendly through a friend he decided to download it and give it a …

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Published December 30, 2013 Categories Rebtel Heroes Rebtel stories

Meet Toyin, a happy Rebtel user

We are talking to a very special person today. Toyin is Nigerian, lives in the UK and uses Rebtel to keep in touch with his friends and family. He is also one our most successful referrers and earns a LOT of free credit by telling other people about Rebtel. He very kindly agreed to speak to us about how he does it. Rebtel: Hi Toyin, it’s a pleasure to get to speak to one of our most loyal customers. So firstly, there are many alternatives out there, why Rebtel? Toyin: Well (laughs), good point. R: I guess it’s a …

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Published March 19, 2013 Categories Rebtel Heroes

Adelaida Caballero, a Rebtel Hero

My name is Adelaida Caballero. I was born in Monterrey (Mexico) in 1986. My dad is a construction worker and my mom a preschool teacher. I have two younger siblings, a crazy grandma and a seemingly immortal great granny. I love crochet, knitting and handcrafts. When I was a child I started writing poetry –throughout the years I’ve published a few books in Mexico and Spain. As a writer I’ve also collaborated with painters and musicians, Walfred Rodríguez and heavy metal band RAM among them. In 2008, I left Mexico …

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Published March 1, 2013 Categories Rebtel Heroes

Idara Udo, a Rebtel Hero

Rebtel Heroes is a series of blog posts authored by Rebtel users that have relocated abroad temporarily or permanently. We think that to leave everything you know and love behind to attend school or start a new job and venture into the unknown to make a better life for yourself and your family is a courageous and heroic act. My name is Idara Samuel Udo. I am a Nigerian. I am the eldest of 4 children, and the only girl. In the part of Nigeria that my dad …

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