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Gadgets – Then&Now

Smart devices are here to stay. In the past few years companies have been trying to adapt the smart technology to a variety of products from phones, watches, and now even into clothing!

VHS cameras vs Google Glass

Capturing precious moments of our lives has been around for a while, but do you remember VHS? Don’t worry- you are probably not the only one. In 2012 we were introduced to a new device which is smaller and simpler to use than the old VHS cameras- the Google glass. The smart technology behind it provides users with the possibility to instantly take videos and pictures on the move. Through voice command the smart glass allows you to check your email and call friends.

Rotary phone systems vs  gesture typing keyboards

A few decades ago we had to put our finger in a small plastic wheel attached to the phone in order to dial a phone number, also known as pulse dialing.  Now, not only can we dial with a single click, but even draw words with the tips of our fingers in only seconds. This new technology takes a while to be learned, however, once you got the hang of it you will be thrilled with the result! Predictive touch keyboards can be used on Android and iOS devices.

Bicycles vs ebikes (electric bicycles)

Transportation is an important part of our daily life. Many big cities have already adapted their streets to be more bicycle-friendly. Companies producing bicycles, on the other side, try to make cycling more attractive with their new inventive ebikes.  Ebikes have a small motor which can be switched on to assist  the rider’s pedal-power. In the last few years there have been different types of ebikes depending on the features and looks they have. To  make ebikes even more attractive some companies have created special software which works together with the bike and helps riders control their speed, be aware of the weather conditions and navigate their route.

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