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Meet Toyin, a happy Rebtel user

We are talking to a very special person today. Toyin is Nigerian, lives in the UK and uses Rebtel to keep in touch with his friends and family. He is also one our most successful referrers and earns a LOT of free credit by telling other people about Rebtel. He very kindly agreed to speak to us about how he does it.

Rebtel: Hi Toyin, it’s a pleasure to get to speak to one of our most loyal customers. So firstly, there are many alternatives out there, why Rebtel?
Toyin: Well (laughs), good point.

R: I guess it’s a cheap alternative for you?
T: Yeah I would say so. Rebtel is nice because it’s cheap but you also get good voice quality.

R: How and when did you hear about Rebtel?
T: A friend mentioned Rebtel to me and I thought I’d try it out. I can’t really remember when I started using Rebtel…probably early this year.

Toyin earn free credit

R: I’d like to pick up on what you just mentioned, that you started using Rebtel because a friend recommended it to you. Our “Tell a friend” offer, where you can earn free credit by recommending your friends to Rebtel, is extremely popular with our users. How did you hear about it?
T: Through a friend who uses Rebtel and told me that you guys had that offer. It’s great because I can refer people, they can get Rebtel and start calling me for free, but also I can earn credit from it so I really see it as a win-win situation.

R: Exactly. If used to its full potential you almost never have to pay for a phone call again. So how do you like to refer people to Rebtel?
T: Personally, I find it easiest to just send a text message with the link. Not sure why but it is how I do it most often.

R: Ok Toyin, one final question, what would you like us to do for you to refer even more people?
T: Give even more bonus credit or credit just for referring people (laughs)

R: Thanks again Toyin. Here’s wishing you an amazing 2014 :)

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