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3 awesome life hacks

There are small things we can do to make our lives that bit easier.The best part about these 3 life hacks is that they require minimal effort :)

- If you put your phone in air plane mode, it will charge twice as fast.

- Sunglasses make for a perfect mobile stand, just put your glasses upside down on a table and you have a great little way to watch videos on your phone!

- Make YouTube videos load faster. Right click on the video, hit settings and move the ‘local storage’ scroll bar all the way to the right. It works on any operating system.

Then there are things that on top of being simple, also add to the value of sharing and giving. With the launch of  Sendly, the best app for topping up prepaid mobile phones, we decided to make it simple and secure for you to credit your loved ones.

After downloading the app there are three simple steps to make a top up, as simple as that! Why do things the hard way when you can make it simple, right?

What is your best life hack? Share your hacks in the comments below!

* For some really nice (and sometimes really wierd) lifehacks, check out the lifehacks at Buzzfeed or Lifehack


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