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Meet Lydia

Say hello to Lydia. Lydia is from the UK and currently lives in Valencia, Spain. We’re very thankful that she took the time to share her story us.

Why did you move to Valencia ?

My move to Valencia was unexpected. I had always planned on living in the little cottage down the road from my parents in the English countryside. Until my Erasmus year in Valencia. My eyes were opened. Valencia is vibrant, loud and the quality of life is unlike anything you’d find in the village where I am from! Vivir sin dormir is their philosophy – live without sleep… until siesta time at least.

What can you say about the expat life?

Being an expat gives you the best of both worlds – your new home, and your home home. Siestas and Pancake Day, for example. However, there are some negative sides for example, too many times I have overheard “She’s a foreigner, she doesn’t count.” Not knowing where you stand can be a little frustrating.

What positive points are there about living in Valencia?

+ 300+ days of sunshine.

+ Beach and city – a 2 for 1.

+ A good local fiesta. Valencia will throw a food and drink based party for pretty much anything. The more are quite literally the merrier!

+ Siestas – they are socially accepted, what more can I say?

Any Negatives?

- Poor International travel links.

- Scarcity of non-Manchego-style cheese.

- Rubbish bacon.

- Getting stuff done from Thursday to Monday.

If you had one place to recommend in Valencia what would it be?

Wow, that’s hard. The Aragon Bridge, March 18th, a little after midnight. Bring some beers, some friends, and look up.

How did you hear about Rebtel?

A Spanish friend sent me a link a while back… I was desperate to get my bill down and I have never looked back :)

What is the reason you use Rebtel?

Af first, I was desperate to stop spending so much on my phone bills. I am completely undisciplined at making Skype/FaceTime dates. If I want to tell someone something, I call them.

Now, I use Rebtel because it works and I can indulge my impulsive tendencies.

Who do you call?

It’s not very Rock ‘n’ Roll, but I call my Mum and Dad. They are getting on a bit so I like to check in regularly. My partner travels a lot too so it’s handy to talk/send texts to him.

What do you like about Rebtel?

I like the flexibility and reliability. No more searching for WiFi, crackling audio, putting make-up on before making a call!! I don’t have to sit in front of the computer to have a conversation.

The customer service is second to none, they’re all about the details.

Have you used the new messaging feature yet, what do you think about it?

Honestly, no. Despite my best efforts, not many people I know have Rebtel on their mobiles like me. I got them as far as the landline. I think I’ve managed to convince them though given the latest Whatsapp blackout.

What do you do for fun?

Siestas. Just kidding. Not really. Long, late dinners with friends with lots of good food, wine, and laughs. Mini-trips, and not-so-mini-trips. Cold, winter walks. Long, hot summer nights with claras con limón granizado.

What is your karaoke song?

On any given night, it’s toss up between Salt-N-Pepa – Push It and En Vogue – Don’t Let Go. But something inside me is always tempted to do a little Bobby Brown – Two Can Play That Game. No idea why.

If there was a movie portraying you, which actor should play you and why?

I don’t think this is something I can answer about myself without getting hideously self-conscious so I asked my boyfriend. Straight away he told me that the soundtrack to my life would be Kelis – Bossy. Erm, thanks for that. If I had a film, it he says Anne Hathaway would play me because (in his words) “you are a bit like her, looks-wise, and she is nice”. I’ll take that.

Name one thing you know about Sweden?

You have brown cheese and its awesome.

A penguin walks in through the door right now wearing a Sombrero, what does he say and why?

He serenades me. Obviously.


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