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Must-Have Apps to Keep Long Distance Relationships Going

Keeping a long distance relationship alive takes dedication and work!

Here are some tips to make it easier.


As any long distance couple knows, communication is key! Find an app that keeps your long distance calls cheap and frequent. If you both have smart-phones (including Android or iPhone models) you can use Rebtel to call each other anytime. You can also call from your tablet or PC using the Rebtel app, and even if you are different countries you’ll be able to make very inexpensive international calls using wi-fi to save your data plan.

Trip Planning

Excitement over seeing each-other again can make for hurried, sloppy packing. Don’t worry - uPackingList for iPhone or Android lets you quickly skim through a list of over 300 items to create your own customized packing list. Using it ensures you won’t get stuck without a phone charger or extra socks over the long weekend.

Find a Flight

Don’t mess with multiple online booking sites, trying to make your way through the maze of pricing, fees, and crazy layovers. The Skyscanner app helps you find the cheapest flight fast, and lets you book directly with the airline or travel agent to get the best fare and most direct flight. Alternately, try Kayak for help booking air travel, hotels and transport all at once!

Flower Delivery

Missing her too much? She’s missing you too! Let her know you care with flowers – but sidestep the 800 number and turn to the hand FloralApp instead. Special discounts and coupons, one click calling to the local store, easy ordering and sending straight from your address book.

Keep Up To Date

Want a private mode of status updating that only you and your sweetie can see? The Pair app lets you and your sweetie swap messages, images, videos, locations and more – if you both press your thumbs on the same part of your respective phone screens, the phones will even vibrate for a romantic “thumb kiss”!

Go Old School

Snail mail can still be romantic, especially if it‘s customized! Postagram lets you choose a photo from your iPhone library, Instagram, or Facebook account to be turned into a real postcard and mailed to your significant other. Any image from your mobile or social networking account can be selected, and you can also include an 180 character message.

Want more tips regarding how to keep in contact as cheap as possible? Check out our calling guide!

Keep your long distance relationship alive by using these simple apps to remind each other of your undying love!

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