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Rebtel made it possible- Bridging the distance.

About three years ago I met the love of my life in the most unlikely way. We were participants in an international Summer School in China. I am Danish and he is African, from Lesotho to be precise. But despite our very different backgrounds, we clicked. We became close friends and stayed in touch even after the Summer school was over. It was easy because he was a freshman in an American college and I was a high school junior, hence we had access to Wi-Fi literally twenty-four hours a day. We talked every day and became best friends. The next summer he came to see me in Denmark and we fell in love!

A year and a half went by, during which we kept things going through the Internet. Skyping, e-mailing, chatting and what not. But then a crisis hit his family, and, as the oldest son, it was his job to handle it. He withdrew temporarily from college and moved back home for a year. In Lesotho internet is found only in internet cafés, and those are few, far between and expensive.

And to make matters worse, my boyfriend does not have a smartphone. Hence phone calls were our only option of regular communication. In the beginning I handled it by calling him through Skype, but the connection was terrible and in the long run, it turned out to be quite expensive for me. Now a college student myself, in a country where parents traditionally don’t help their children financially after high school, I knew I had to do something if we were to remain a couple.

I started searching the Internet, and found that there are plenty of companies who gladly offer you cheap international calls – even to Africa. But that only goes for the bigger or more developed countries, such as South Africa, Ghana or Kenya. As soon as you cross the border and move into the more anonymous countries, such as Lesotho, the price triples, if not quadruples.

There was literally only one company, which would let me call Lesotho at a payable price – Rebtel 

I had never heard of it before, but I decided to at least give it a chance. To my surprise, not only did it work, the connection was also crystal clear.

Unfortunately, the local number service still doesn’t exist in Lesotho, and so it hasn’t benefitted him much yet, but Rebtel has certainly made my day-to-day budget easier to manage, and it is nice no longer having to count the minutes when we talk!

// Maria Kursch

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