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Rebtel <3 FOAP

Do you have an iPhone and want $500 reward by submitting a few photos to a cool contest?

We ‘ve joined forces with our friends at FOAP, which is a new iPhone app that lets you upload and sell your photos through the FOAP marketplace, and now we want photos that really capture the essence of Rebtel!

Rebtel is all about talking more with your loved ones. But sometimes your loved ones can be far away, and making the distance feel smaller is the main focus the contest.

We’ve created a contest on FOAP (called a mission) we are looking for pictures depicting Long distance relationships, Staying in touch and Reunion.

If you have any pictures you feel go nicely with either one of the three, we’d love to see them.

How Do I Enter? 

1. Go to  and download the FOAP app.

2. Join the Rebtel mission.

3. Upload your pictures best suited with our mission theme.

All photos submitted for missions will through FOAP’s ranking system. They must get at least five votes with a 2.5/5 average rating to be eligible for the contest.

We’re not only rewarding you for the best picture, but will also to use it in our digital channels to showcase the spirit of what Rebtel is about!

Good luck!

*FOAP is currently only available for iPhone, but they are working on an Android app

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