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The New Rebtel Design

Take a quick look at your calling history in mobile, who do you call the most? Mom, dad, your sister or best friend? We know that staying in touch with these  people really matters a lot to  you, especially when they are far away. This is why we decided to do something that really takes Rebtel to a new level. Maybe some of you have seen the hints we made on our Facebook page and on Instagram?

Well, let us not keep you waiting anymore, let us present the 3.0 version of the iPhone app with a brand new design!


Pretty nice, right? The new design is made so you always will have the ones that you call the most, just a single click away when you add them as favorites.

We have all been in that troublesome situation when we forgot to make that important call to someone, be it their birthday or an important occasion. For your friends and family to hear your voice on these occasions, can really have a great positive impact in their lives! We thought of this and created a reminder in the app so you never again will forget to make that special call.


The new Rebtel for iOS goes live today and for Android a more slimmed version 2.9 is released, but full new version is to come after the summer. Download the iPhone app or the Android app to call your loved ones now.

We simply can’t explain how great it is, you just have to check it out yourself! We are really excited by this new release and we would of course love to get your thoughts about it in the comments below!

Ps. Want to know more about these new features?

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