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Watch out for the Rebtel Ambassadors!

The ambassadors have been out and about meeting people and spreading the Rebtel word all across the globe.

Leon , our UK ambassador,  went to BBQs hosted by the Zimbabwean community in England. There he distributed Rebtel merchandise and as a music promoter he did some networking meeting local Zimbabwean artists.
Zimbabwean BBQ

Rachel, our Ambassador in Israel, is extremely active online. She made the cover picture for this blog post and participates in everything that she possibly can. Click here to read her most recent blog post about Rebtel.

Maria, our Danish ambassador, is a student and while on exchange in China not only did she represent Rebtel but she also shared her experiences with the ambassador group.
Maria at the Hall of Prayers for Good Harvest, Beijing

Julio is our ambassador in Italy and he too is very active. When he first joined the ambassador group he made this video showing how Rebtel has helped him to keep in touch with his mother back in Nicaragua.

So keep an eye out for the Rebtel ambassadors, they might be closer to you than you think!

If you want to join the ambassador program send your application here.

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