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Will you call mom on Sunday?

This Sunday, May 12, about 80 countries around the world celebrate their dearest moms. I sure hope my kids will bring me breakfast and a big wonderful hug. Of course I have to call my mum and tell her how much I appreciate and love her and I’ll also give my dearest grandma a ring.

Mother’s Day is the third most popular day to Rebtel someone, after New Years Day and Christmas Day. Last week, we asked you how you’re planning to contact your mom on Mother’s Day and over 90% planned to give her a call, so your moms can relax knowing they’ll hear your voice on Sunday. We found out many of you like to talk for long with your moms, almost 40% planned to talk for one hour or even more when calling.

When we asked moms what gift they most wanted on Mother’s Day they actually preferred to get a phone call over a hug. This is probably because of the long distance between many moms and their kids. If you can’t get a real life hug, hearing your daughter/son’s voice is the second best thing.

And it makes you feel great afterwards.

I speak to my mom several days a week even though we live 20 minutes from each other here in Sweden. It’s something special knowing , she’s only a phone call away.

Have a wonderful day celebrating your moms!


/Anna at Rebtel (Mom, daughter and grand daughter)


ps* Click on our infographic below to see all the results from our survey!


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